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How To Shop For The Best Watermelon!

Picking the right watermelon at the market can often be challenging. 

When you are anticipating a juicy slice of melon, the last thing you want is to come home with a watermelon that ends up being soft and mushy.

Watermelons don’t ripen after being picked, so it is crucial that they are harvested at the proper time.

Many people have a difficult time choosing the perfect watermelon. Here are a few tips to help you pick a juicy, fresh watermelon every time!  

  • Pick watermelons that feel heavy for their size. They tend to be the juiciest.
  • Avoid melons with bruises, cracks or soft spots.
  • Look for a firm, yellow underside. Fruit with a white or green spot on the bottom have been picked too soon.
  • Tap the watermelon and pick only fruit that sounds hollow.  If you hear a thud, put it back. A thud means that the watermelon is over ripe and not very flavorful. 
  • If you are selecting pre-cut watermelon, look for a bright color and firm texture.

Your best bet for fresh, delicious watermelon is to purchase locally grown watermelons.  A good place to get farm fresh fruit is at a farmers market or country fruit and veggie stand.

Watermelon Varieties

If you think watermelon only comes with a green rind and red flesh, you are in for a big surprise. Watermelon rinds can be green, black, purple or even spotted. And, the fruit’s flesh may be yellow, orange or white, along with the normal red varieties.  Plus, watermelons come in seeded or seedless varieties. 

In fact, if you’re eating watermelon because of its incredible health benefits and its energy boosting Citrulline you should know that the highest concentration of Citrulline is found in watermelons with yellow-flesh. 

Any way you slice it, watermelon makes a light and delicious snack. The next time you’re shopping, consider adding one of these commonly grown varieties into your shopping basket.  

  • Golden Crown Hybrid 
  • Sugar Baby 
  • Bush Sugar Baby 
  • Redball Seedless 
  • Sweet Beauty 
  • Park’s Lemon Ice