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Setting up a Watermelon Garden

Growing & Storing Watermelons
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Setting Up a Watermelon Garden! 

As you select your garden location, be sure to find a sunny spot. Watermelon plants require full sun and well-drained soil to grow properly.

Consider making mounds or ridges to plant your seeds in. Each mound should be about 3 feet square and a foot high. Watermelons don’t like wet feet and mounds help the soil drain properly.

Here’s a list of what your watermelons will need:

  • At least three months of hot, dry, sunny weather
  • Temperatures ranging about 70-80F (20-25°C). Warmer is even better.
  • Full sun
  • A lot of space
  • Daily watering
  • Deep, rich, friable soil

Plant about 4 to 10 seeds or seedlings per hill.  When the seedlings have grown approximately 6 inches, remove all but two plants per hill.  Snip off the weaker plants; (don’t pull or you’ll disturb the roots). Keep only two seedlings on each mound. 

It’s best to put your watermelon mounds in different locations throughout your garden. This keeps the pests and diseases at bay. 

And, try not to let the soil dry out. They don’t like it wet, but too dry isn’t good either. Use some kind of mulch to retain moisture.

Harvesting Watermelons

When the vines start to wither and brown, it’s time to harvest those delicious watermelons. Tap the watermelon. If it sounds hollow, it’s ready to eat.

Now you can enjoy the many health benefits of this fabulous fruit.

Click here to find some great watermelon recipes. They are fun to make, tasty and can be a great way to boost energy, your immune system and even your sex drive. :)